Three Golden Rules How to Remove Web Fonts on Iphone for Web Design | Easy Way

Microsoft Word 2013 bears some amazing image editing feats that can light some creative fires click here. I actually checked my site to see if I’m on the right font style and font size. With more and more people using their smartphones to look at websites, it is essential that you donвЂt drive away potential […]

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How often have you found yourself in this scenario: After downloading some vector files to your computer, you’re struggling to find ways to open it. But maybe you’ve managed to open it, and you’re stuck wondering how to edit EPS files. So to do this I’m going to create a Word Cloud, if you type […]

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Adobe Photoshop is considered the gold standard in photo editing software In fact, it can be hard to picture (see what I did there) a world without the amazing images created with this software. Available as an installable OTF color font, it comes with complete set of all capital letters, numbers and punctuations. Heading fonts […]

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Inter is a typeface carefully crafted & designed for computer screens. Photoshop’s versatility makes it a popular choice among Web designers, graphic designers, digital media artists, print designers, photographers and other professionals in design and image-editing. Upload yourttf orotf file to the Webfont Generator and then download your Web Font Kit. So a slide with […]

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With custom web design solutions + online marketing strategies. Without getting into specifics (let’s save them for the discussion forum), the possible rendering algorithm combinations most often conclude in one of two ways: 1) the rendering engine ignores hints from type designers and does its own thing, remaining as true as can be to typeface […]